Vexing Media is more than just your source for fresh web design, we offer complete branding services including print, digital media design, graphic design, video services, and authoring services for DVD and Blu-ray duplication or replication.

Airam Gessner

Airam Gessner

Airam is an old souled web & print designer with over 15 years of experience under his belt. Trained in the ways of traditional design, he seasons his creations with type, color, illustration, creativity and freshness, providing just the right flavor to help deliver your message. He loves his wife & 3 kids, being in the moment, hand lettering, strong coffee, sharing a beer and golden era hip-hop. He hopes to one day voice cartoons and own a car wash.

Brandon Smith

Brandon Smith is the founder and co-owner of Vexing Media, a graphic design, website design, and app development company in Spokane. Brandon has spent the last 13 years building a wide variety of interactive websites, database applications, and mobile games. His passion to learn new technology drove him to start Vexing Media as a website development company, and experiment with new website building techniques.

When he’s not building websites, Brandon volunteers with non-profit organizations that focus on film production in Spokane. He is also one of 5 organizers of the 50 Hour Slam, a local timed film competition held in the spring.

Tom Dineen

Tom grew up watching more TV and film than is probably healthy. In these 3 and a half decades of video worshiping, he watched as the analogue medium transformed to a digital world, where BETA tapes were overcome by VHS, Which surrendered it’s throne to Laser Disc, whom was subjugated by DVD and now, we have High Definition Blu-ray and online streaming to rule them all. What’s next? 4K and up. Tom has made it his passion to work with our clients and with local film events (A few that he is a partner in) to provide the best quality audio and video presentation to their viewers. Have a question about a NLE? Just ask. Have a question about a video or audio codec? He’s your guy. Need help preparing your short, feature or documentary project for the eyeballs of the masses in the best possible quality? Drop us a line.