The Vexing Media team offers services that not only allow for a fresh website design, but also complete branding services, including print, digital media design, and graphic design. Our production team is skilled in video and live-streaming services to provide independent and purpose-built equipment for virtual, on-site, or mixed presentations creating a seamless product for your sharing purposes. The Social Media Management team is equipped with analytic tools for major platforms providing you with a custom audience reach analysis and recommendations for content when building your social media community.

Airam Gessner

Owner, Creative Director

Airam Gessner

Airam is a founding member of Vexing Media and its Creative Director. He has been designing web and print media for over twenty years since receiving his Associates in Graphic Design and is skilled in traditional design while also bringing a sense of freshness in type, color, illustration, and creativity.

He excels in turning clientele concepts into branding that conveys meaning and identity as well as visual appeal. He has a firm understanding of graphic design principles in art and computer graphics, web design, and concept development. When designing websites, he ensures that a site’s visual appeal unites seamlessly with its functional elements to deliver a unified user experience where the aesthetic supports and enhances the site’s functional goals.

Airam was the designer of choice to provide the graphics for COVID-19 vaccine promotion for Native Project, NEW Health, ImmunizeVA, American Lung Association, and CHAS.

Airam aims to provide education and insight within the onboarding process while inviting the client to engage throughout the creation process so the end result delivers the client’s branding message accurately. He is also proud to have a background in the printing process as this has developed his respect for printing companies and has established rewarding relationships with local businesses that he is able to pass along to the clients of Vexing Media.

Airam and his family regularly find themselves lost in the outdoors while camping, flyfishing, or adventuring in the local serene. They indulge together in the watching and re-watching of anything and everything Star Wars-related, and they favor the VR goggles for at-home activities. The Gessner family also enjoys frequenting Airam’s close-to-home favorite BBQ joint, TT’s Old Iron Brewery in the Spokane Valley.

Airam enjoys hand lettering, strong coffee, sharing a beer, and has music snobbery in all things golden era hip-hop. However, this snobbery will not detour conversations away from talking all things De La Soul or Wu-Tang Clan. One day, Airam hopes to voice cartoons and also own a car wash on the side. Who knows.

Brandon Smith

Owner, Director of Digital Media

Brandon Smith is a founding member and co-owner of Vexing Media LLC. His focus is on project and marketing management.

As the project manager, Brandon oversees all contracts and projects held by Vexing Media. He directs the day-to-day activities (workflow, products and deliverables, quality management, and team effectiveness) of each Vexing Media contract; serves as the primary contact and maintains ongoing communication with the client; and practices earned value management to measure project performance and budget adherence.

Brandon has established a track record of high-quality-driven results, on-time delivery, and budget adherence, resulting in multiple recurring opportunities.

As the marketing manager, Brandon serves two roles: building relationships with current and potential clients and providing technical assistance to the client in crafting and delivering their message. His marketing expertise was essential in vaccine promotion for Native Project, NEW Health, ImmunizeVA, and CHAS for their COVID-19 vaccine promotional campaigns.

Brandon learns the audience’s needs to help the client with content organization, how to write for their website, calls to action, and language accessibility for the targeted community.

Vexing Media is well known for its support of nonprofit organizations, primarily due to Brandon’s encouragement. He believes that Vexing Media’s work for nonprofit organizations assists with services needed makes the work cost-effective, and increases the quality of the nonprofit’s work. Brandon serves on four nonprofit boards focused on arts, teen parents/kids, and cybersecurity education.

Brandon has over 15 years of experience in web development, digital communication, and database development. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Eastern Washington University, Cheney, Washington.

He specializes in designing customized, user-friendly, dynamic, and responsive web applications that meet current industry standards in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL, while ensuring websites comply with federal Section 508 standards for accessibility.

When he’s not building websites, Brandon volunteers with non-profit organizations that focus on film production in Spokane. He is also an organizer for the 50-Hour Slam and is a member of various local boards, including, Giving Back PacksSpokane International Film Festival, and the Spokane Referral Network.

Brandon’s life at home includes tinkering with computers, electronics, or building things along with spending time with his wife of fifteen years, Lisa, and their two yellow Labradors, Willie and Jasper. You may find Brandon exploring the eclectic Downtown Spokane food scene, attending local live events, or on a hiking trail enjoying the scenery that Eastern Washington has to offer.

Tom Dineen

Owner, Director of Interactive Experience

Tom is a founding member of Vexing Media, with a majority of his background in the entertainment industry. While working both on the set of SyFy’s Z Nation and in the production office of HBO’s True Detective, he discovered a great interest in designing interactive experiences for gallery and festival-goers with his first curated project, Z Nation at the MAC museum. 

Tom has worked on multiple interactive experience pieces, including the interactive installation “Confess” for Spokane’s Terrain in 2017 and the interactive projection mapping installation of “What’s In The Box” for Spokane’s Terrain in 2019. Tom is also currently developing a 360-degree VR presentation for a short film named “Tempus.”

Tom has made it his passion to work with clients at Vexing Media with various projects, including but not limited to webinar management and video post-production for Indian Health Service, webinar support including video post-production for the Small Business Administration, live stream production for TedX Spokane, and One Heart Native Film Festival. Tom has also collaborated with the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture on their Z Nation, and Mt St. Helens Exhibits to provide AV equipment consultation and installation along with ongoing support for the interactive video display platform, DisplaPi.

Tom also dedicates his time to local film events to provide the best quality audio and video presentation to their viewers. Have a question about video editing? Just ask. Have a wonder about a video or audio codec? He’s your guy. Need help preparing your short, feature, or documentary project for the eyeballs of the masses in the best possible quality? Drop us a line.

In the past 3 and a half decades of video worshiping, Tom watched as the analog medium transformed to a digital world, where BETA tapes were overcome by VHS, which surrendered its throne to LaserDisc, which was subjugated by DVD and now, we have High Definition Blu-ray and 4K HDR online streaming to rule them all. What’s next? VR!

When Tom is not needed at the office or on set, you can find him spending quality time with friends and family over a drink at the Baby Bar in the heart of downtown Spokane, enjoying amazing brunch anywhere in the city, or indulging in a great film.

Thomas J. Brown

Senior Web Developer

Thomas is the Senior Web Developer at Vexing Media and has professional web development experience ranging across various channels since 1995 when he taught himself to build basic websites. He is proficient in HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL as well as a number of other front and backend web technologies. While holding a Bachelor of Arts degree in Electronic Media and Film, Thomas takes a user-centered, device-agnostic approach to building websites and is also an accomplished screenwriter, screen actor, and voice actor.

Thomas holds various achievements including two silver and one gold ADDY awards for projects on which he was the lead developer. He was also the creative lead for the real-time assembly viewing of, “A T. rex Named Sue,” presented at the Museum of Arts and Culture.

Thomas excels in bringing a client’s vision to life and possesses the ability to work in some of the most unique of circumstances while supplying creative and satisfactory results.

Thomas has a passion for cooking as an at-home chef and has recently begun fermenting all kinds of fruits and vegetables. Ask him about apple varieties and he can share detailed findings from his journal of fruits. He enjoys a quiet evening at home in Spokane playing video games, 3D modeling, and experimenting with new ideas in the kitchen.

Mariah Desirae Manes

Communications Manager

Headshot of a woman with a floral shirt leaning against a wall and smiling at the camera

Mariah finds that research and audience analysis is key when assessing the strengths of communications and marketing. She has been accessing social media channels personally and professionally for over fifteen years and holds dedicated practice in content creation, proofreading, and freelance ghostwriting for various businesses. She is also a guest blogger for an online publication focusing on Diversity in the workplace and continues to seek opportunities to serve her community, near or far.

She excels in social media management for various industries as she finds unique voice representation to be an exciting challenge. While producing ideal search engine optimization results through analytics, she continues to self-educate with modern resources to provide to each client at Vexing Media.

Mariah holds long-term experience with client-to-vendor relations in event-planning, HR, PR, and managerial experience, and also wins latte art competitions in her spare time.

Mariah favored the Times New Roman font while gaining her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from EWU and holds a Hootsuite Social Media Certification with a minor study focused in Psychology and PR, where she was able to learn in-depth human propensities.

She loves road trips, hiking, baking, and any foodie or caffeine adventure. She is an obsessed aunty and devoted crocheter.

Find her on LinkedIn to connect and stay updated on new Vexing Media blog posts.

Isaiah Gessner

Project Specialist

Isaiah Gessner is the Project Specialist at Vexing Media and offers a level of analytic depth when seeing each client through their digital marketing journey.

Graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, minoring in Communication and Journalism, and being the Editor in Chief at Eastern Washington University, Isaiah holds the tools to offer a collaborative, inventive, and open-minded approach when determining the needs of each client.

Isaiah is skilled in analyzing quintessential SEO for our client’s websites. He also provides evidence-based analytic reports that are uniquely run with the client’s audience in mind.

Recently being on the Spokane Indians Marketing team, Isaiah offers a unique digital marketing experience on platforms listed but not limited to Facebook, Google, and Instagram and provides advice on other ad buying options based on the client’s marketing goals.

Isaiah enjoys time spent at home watching any and all films and most sports or listening to music during his time off from work. He frequents local restaurants and pubs with his friends on the weekends, enjoys spending time with his younger siblings back home, and might be known by some as an avid hula-hooper (…if they knew him in the fourth grade, that is).