If you have a website, design, digital marketing, or other need that you don't see listed, please get in touch with us, as we are happy to accommodate the best we can to meet your needs.

Your mission is your passion, livelihood, and future, and we want to translate your mission to your brand so your audience can quickly receive the information you have displayed.

We take great care in listening to your needs, creating a thorough development plan, and working with you to find the best outcome.

Website Design

We customize your mission to reflect your business, design websites from scratch, enhance user experience, properly format, utilize tools for SEO, and curate relevant content. We avoid replicating other designs or websites to set you apart from the rest. We are E-commerce proficient and can easily update your website to prevent annoying bugs or slow websites that can negatively impact your audience.

We also love offering website hosting to ensure our clients receive the best possible web experience.


Graphic Design

Our mission is to design a brand with an identity to believe in. We develop your company’s logo, website, and entire branding with a modern approach. We listen to your ideas and dream with you to create consistency and excellent results. We offer suggestions on a proper typeface for your branding and style guide suited to your audience. We work with fantastic print establishments to ensure you are left with an excellent product, no matter what.

We want your complete satisfaction.


Social Media

Vexing Media is here to help with the onboarding, set-up, maintenance, and marketing your business's social media success. We focus on connecting your social media presence to your website to improve your SEO and create the ideal customer base.

We help you find your voice, connect you to your specialized social media audience, streamline your branding throughout each platform to increase brand awareness, and run your monthly analytics to ensure your results are within the parameters you desire!

We manage your content so you can free up your precious time.


Virtual Event Production

We know that handling a live event can seem intimidating. We create a timeline of events based on your needs and prepare for any possible hiccups along the streaming time. Need virtual conference aid? We got you covered. Need someone to stream, record, edit, and distribute media for your social media and other sharing purposes? That's us.


Video Production

Whether you are preparing for your next live event, a virtual collaboration, presentation, or webinar, let us take the load of technical support and create an inviting, informative, and even fun event!

You tell us what you need, and we will create a custom plan for a seamless event from beginning to end.



Creating a new brand or logo is exciting - you may ask yourself, "now what?!"

Let us help create a marketing plan that suits your needs, whether your focus is SEO for your website or driving your social media platforms to increase website traffic. We also offer e-mail campaign assistance and beefing up, creating, or editing your content within your existing web pages, brochures, flyers, social media posts, and more! Just ask, and we will work hard to deliver your content curation needs.

We impact your marketing message with you through optimal keyword utilization, an extensive internal quality control process, and proofing all final products before launching them to your audience.


Interactive Events

Do you need an interactive display for the classroom? Want to showcase your menu in a fun way for customers to interact with while waiting to be seated? Trying to find the best interactive display for your storefront or project? Let us introduce DisplaPi.

We work hard to produce an amazing display, ensure the most efficient user experience, and set up the necessary technology while educating you and your staff.