Full Service Marketing

We have created a wrap-around marketing approach that offers multiple marketing services under one umbrella theme. This theme is designed with your voice and mission in mind, and we hold brainstorming sessions to ensure all ideas are fleshed out and then determine the most efficient modes of delivering the campaign to your target audience.

We market with precision

While there are multiple marketing tactics to grab your audience’s attention, without an eye-catching custom design, a timely plan, and strategic placement of your ad, how can you guarantee it is working?

Once we determine your marketing campaign, we implement services such as hiring actors, makeup artists, props, or location. We then work with our in-house videographers, photographers, and audio engineers to create a quality product. The format for the product can be delivered in differing media, such as a commercial where we submit the final product for you, a mailer, billboard, social media ads, TikTok; you name it, we deliver it.

We specialize in tying multiple marketing services together with one recognizable brand: You!


Online Marketing

Effective online marketing requires understanding your audience, specific search engine optimization, concentrated social media strategy,and promoted ads. All of these combined and working in harmony together will give you a leg up on marketing.

Looking for ways to boost your visibility online? Depending on your needs, we offer a full range of digital marketing services that can greatly increase your overall audience engagement.

We specialize in:

  • Digital ads on multiple platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads, etc.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Analytics
  • Ad Copywriting and Editing
  • Video Ads, Commercials, and Animated Video Ads

Do you have questions or other online or local marketing needs that are not listed? We would love to meet with you to discuss which digital marketing services work best for your needs.

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Email Campaigns

We design email campaigns, manage your email lists, and run analytics to decide the next steps for your optimal traffic. We utilize tools that allow for analyzing the rate of opened emails, amount of replies, and overall engagement from your email campaign.

We can also design your email with proper formatting and schedule recurring emails, along with an in-house quality control process.


Content Writing and Copy Editing

Whether you need to add content to your website descriptions, edit pamphlet content, or simply are tired of finding relevant content for social media posts. Vexing Media can write relevant content loaded with keywords best suited to your website's search engine needs.

We can edit the content you already possess through our in-house QC process and suggest necessary changes to target essential SEO for your business.


Social Media and Google Advertising

See more of our amazing clients and check out our other services, such as website design, brand design, virtual event production, and more! We design with you in mind.


View Our Work

We have had the pleasure of working with businesses and organizations in implementing their marketing campaigns while utilizing multiple media avenues and platforms to thoughtfully distribute information to the curated audience.

Here are a few examples:

Immunize Virginia

We helped create a custom toolkit campaign for Immunize Virginia to share immunization awareness content on social media, printed posters to hang in relevant spaces, and other distribution purposes.

They were equipped with downloadable graphic templates, recorded video testimonials for social sharing that we recorded on-site with audio and lighting in place, a researched hashtag for collaborative online engagement, and testimonial graphics.

We also designed a character that gives a memorable aspect to the campaign; “Tracker” has downloadable graphics, a hashtag, and coloring pages geared towards providing a reminder to parents to stay up to date with their children’s vaccination schedule.


Native Project

The Native Project needed a marketing campaign centered around a theme to inform the public about vaccinations. When working with the Native Project, we wanted to identify the voice behind the message to construct ideas for the campaign with a clear tone.

We then had brainstorming sessions with the client, our internal marketing team, and the campaign's creative director to come up with memorable ideas geared toward parents and teens of the age to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. With this in mind, we came up with ideas that could be seen as funny yet to the point.

The video content was created for TikToks as the target audience primarily uses the app and can also be used for commercial spots on local television stations.

The photos were used for billboard and print ads which we designed using colors that align with the brand, and we created catchphrases that would be easy and quick to read if one was to read the billboard while driving by.


Fend Off Flu

Promoting Flu Vaccination at the Workplace (Employer Flu Toolkit) & Promoting Flu Vaccination for Caregivers of Older Adults (Caregiver Flu Toolkit).

The project's mission was to transform the American Lung Association’s “Fend Off Flu” campaign into a fully branded, custom toolkit that is user-friendly, informative, and approachable for social media sharing and other promotional purposes.

Do you need help running social media or Google ads with analytics? Give us a call! We would love to work out a plan that meets your needs and equips you with results you can count on.

No project is too big or too small; we have skilled staff that analyzes your voice and create a strategy with you in mind—no filler words. We know every word counts, and we want you to feel at ease knowing your audience is getting the correct information for your business’s lasting success.