Elevate your customer engagement with a virtual display or touchscreen kiosk: DisplaPi is a custom-made, interactive display designed to enhance your business and expose your goals.

We Customize Your Virtual Display!

Holiday Inn Express Digital Signage

Our customized computer board templates are ready for all your branding, logo, and color insertion needs. We take your information and bring it to life through the ultimate user experience. We are skilled in touch screen design with fully operable buttons, videos, audio clips, and so much more.

See an example of a fully preprogrammed Interactive Experience at the MAC here!

You dream big; we produce big.


Touchscreen and Digital Displays

We currently offer full DisplaPi services to businesses such as the Holiday Inn Express in Cheney, Washington.

We customized the HIE touchscreen display designed to provide their lodgers with a local directory, an interactive menu for the HIE restaurant, and much more, all at the fingertips of their distinguished guests!


QR Codes and Kiosks

We also love connecting with our community!

Riverfront Park Kiosk QR Code

We designed and programmed the QR code displays throughout Riverfront Park to create an interactive experience for visitors to the community of Spokane, Washington.

By scanning these codes using a personal cellular device, the viewer can see pre-recorded and edited videos about the local scenery in Riverfront Park (Skyride Gondola, Ice Ribbon, Clock Tower, etc.)

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