Isaiah Gessner

Digital Marketing Specialist

Isaiah Gessner

Isaiah Gessner is the Digital Marketing Specialist at Vexing Media and offers a level of analytic depth when seeing each client through their digital marketing journey.

Graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, minoring in Communication and Journalism, and being the Editor in Chief at Eastern Washington University, Isaiah holds the tools to offer a collaborative, inventive, and open-minded approach when determining the needs of each client.

Isaiah is skilled in analyzing quintessential SEO for our client’s websites. He also provides evidence-based analytic reports that are uniquely run with the client’s audience in mind.

Recently being on the Spokane Indians Marketing team, Isaiah offers a unique digital marketing experience on platforms listed but not limited to Facebook, Google, and Instagram and provides advice on other ad buying options based on the client’s marketing goals.

Isaiah enjoys time spent at home watching any and all films and most sports or listening to music during his time off from work. He frequents local restaurants and pubs with his friends on the weekends, enjoys spending time with his younger siblings back home, and might be known by some as an avid hula-hooper (…if they knew him in the fourth grade, that is).