Airam Gessner

Partner, Creative Director

Airam Gessner

Airam is a founding member of Vexing Media and its Creative Director. He has been designing web and print media for over twenty years since receiving his Associates in Graphic Design and is skilled in traditional design while also bringing a sense of freshness in type, color, illustration, and creativity.

He excels in turning clientele concepts into branding that conveys meaning and identity as well as visual appeal. He has a firm understanding of graphic design principles in art and computer graphics, web design, and concept development. When designing websites, he ensures that a site’s visual appeal unites seamlessly with its functional elements to deliver a unified user experience where the aesthetic supports and enhances the site’s functional goals.

Airam was the designer of choice to provide the graphics for COVID-19 vaccine promotion for Native Project, NEW Health, ImmunizeVA, American Lung Association, and CHAS.

Airam aims to provide education and insight within the onboarding process while inviting the client to engage throughout the creation process so the end result delivers the client’s branding message accurately. He is also proud to have a background in the printing process as this has developed his respect for printing companies and has established rewarding relationships with local businesses that he is able to pass along to the clients of Vexing Media.

Airam and his family regularly find themselves lost in the outdoors while camping, flyfishing, or adventuring in the local serene. They indulge together in the watching and re-watching of anything and everything Star Wars-related and they favor the VR goggles for at-home activities. The Gessner family also enjoys frequenting Airam’s close-to-home favorite BBQ joint, TT’s Old Iron Brewery in the Spokane Valley.

Airam enjoys hand lettering, strong coffee, sharing a beer, and has music snobbery in all things golden era hip-hop, however, this snobbery will not detour conversations away from talking all things De La Soul or Wu-Tang Clan. One day, Airam hopes to voice cartoons and also own a car wash on the side. Who knows.