Tom Dineen

Partner, Director of Event Production

Tom Dineen

Tom is a founding member of Vexing Media, with a majority of his background in the entertainment industry. While working both on the set of SyFy’s Z Nation and in the production office of HBO’s True Detective, he discovered a great interest in designing interactive experiences for gallery and festival-goers with his first curated project, Z Nation at the MAC museum.

Tom has worked on multiple interactive experience pieces, including the interactive installation, “Confess” for Spokane’s Terrain in 2017 and the interactive projection mapping installation of “What’s In The Box” for Spokane’s Terrain in 2019. Tom is also developing a 360-degree VR presentation for a short film named “Tempus.”

Tom has made it his passion for working with clients at Vexing Media with various projects, including but not limited to webinar management and video post-production for Indian Health Service, webinar support including video post-production for the Small Business Administration, live stream production for TedX Spokane, and One Heart Native Film Festival. Tom has also collaborated with the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture on their Z Nation, and Mt St. Helens Exhibits to provide AV equipment consultation and installation along with ongoing support for the interactive video display platform, DisplaPi.

Tom also dedicates his time to local film events to provide the best quality audio and video presentation to their viewers. Have a question about video editing? Just ask. Have a wonder about a video or audio codec? He’s your guy. Need help preparing your short, feature, or documentary project for the eyeballs of the masses in the best possible quality? Drop us a line.

In the past 3 and a half decades of video worshiping, Tom watched as the analog medium transformed to a digital world, where BETA tapes were overcome by VHS, which surrendered its throne to LaserDisc, who was subjugated by DVD and now, we have High Definition Blu-ray and 4K HDR online streaming to rule them all. What’s next? VR!

When Tom is not needed at the office or on set, you can find him spending quality time with friends and family over a drink at the Baby Bar in the heart of downtown Spokane, enjoying amazing brunch anywhere in the city, or indulging in a great film.