Project Mission

We were contracted to create and revise their website during the pandemic. The Native Project’s rebuild of their website included COVID-19 vaccine promotion. The button at the top of the page directs all users to “Get the COVID-19 Vaccine” and provides the user with a choice on COVID-19 information, testing, and vaccination. We collaborated with Native Project to ensure that all information about the virus, testing, and vaccine distribution was correct. We also update the information as requested by Native Project to ensure that all information relating to COVID-19 vaccination promotion is up to date.

The Process

In addition to the website work, our 2021 contract included the promotion of getting vaccinated. The focus of the promotion was to showcase that Native Project has 100% vaccination rates among their employees.

We worked closely with the marketing staff to craft the message for publication and billboard COVID-19 vaccine promotion. Our graphic designer created full-color advertisements for placement in local publications, and he then revised them for full-size billboards. These graphics are currently seen in and around the Spokane, Washington community.

What's Next

Vexing Media currently received a new contract with Native Project to expand the COVID-19 vaccine promotion. We will be creating new posters and billboards as well as working with 12 Acre Films to produce videos.

The Results

NATIVE Project billboard design
NATIVE Project Website Design