Project Mission

To create an informational and user-friendly website for the nonprofit, Giving Back Packs, to engage with the local Spokane, WA., community, and beyond by providing support to those who need it most.

Design entirely new branding and provide adequately formatted media for social media purposes, copy collateral, and future events.

Business Statement

The Giving Back Packs founder, Rick Clark designed the nonprofit to support the community’s needs by gathering resources and distributing aid where needed. He aims to connect those that are disconnected; ‘No one is perfect, and there is no better time to give to others than now.’ -Rick Clark.

The Process

Just after the 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization started to launch into gear in 2018, Rick and the GBP board were determined to make this organization as widely known as possible so that communities near and far could receive the aid they so desperately need.

Rick then connected with Brandon of Vexing Media and two other website development companies to decide the most fitting company for launching the first website of Giving Back Packs.

They voted that Vexing Media was the best fit for producing a fantastic website that met their needs.

The goals were to launch a fully branded website with custom colors and a recognizable logo. Rick also wanted anyone viewing the website to quickly find help and trust that the information would remain up to date.

Our web-dev and design team determined a development plan for the nonprofit that would create a fun and helpful aesthetic for GBP’s users that is also easy for the board to update on the website’s back end.

The Results

The website offers a “Request Help” button on the main page. Rick said this resource had been an enormous help in meeting needs, such as connecting locals to resources to help pay their bills, find substantial food to eat and all kinds of aid that can be difficult for some to know where to find quick help.

“Brandon has always had a bright spirit and is always ready to help. He is on the board of directors here at GBP, and he never ceases to connect the organization with communal businesses to meet the community’s needs best. We have been genuinely grateful for the marketing counsel from Vexing Media, and because of our new website, we have received many requests for help that may have gone unnoticed in the past.”

Because of GBP’s recognized branding, this outreach gained the community’s trust and has since benefited many local businesses, hospitals, and families and started a local COVID-19 resource using the Facebook platform.

The page is called Spokane Quaranteam and has over thirty thousand members at this time; “We have truly created a new kind of community where we all care about each other and offer resources for those in need. It’s been a really amazing thing to be a part of.” -Rick Clark.

Giving Back Packs Logo Design
Giving Back Packs Website Design

What's Next

Vexing Media continues to work with the GBP board to update the website and provide resources to local companies that may assist with upcoming GBP events, such as filmmakers, photographers, content editors, etc.

Because we are a community-driven company, we are determined to uplift those doing amazing things! We want to work hard to let your organization, small business, or company shine!

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