Project Mission

Since the website’s inception five years ago, CHAS has grown to 19 clinics with over 30 doctors and providers with an extensive range of specialties across the Spokane region. The website required a fresh new look while giving the staff the ability to update public health information to the community served by CHAS.

The Process

We worked with CHAS during the onset of the pandemic. We and CHAS learned about the importance of flexibility in website design and helped us see the public need for immediate and concise health information and healthcare activities. For example, CHAS was the facility that organized the mass COVID-19 vaccination distribution in Spokane, Washington that began in February 2021. We designed the webpage that housed the vaccine distribution location and schedule, setting up appointments for vaccination, and confirmation of appointment.

Additionally, we put an alert system in place for COVID-19 that would run scheduled information for immediate viewing by the public.

The Results

CHAS Health Website Design