Project Mission

To create a digital toolkit for the BH2I Training and Technical Assistance Center that provides resources, training recordings, and a virtual venue location. The online “Toolkit” holds resources for grantees to have a personal log-in, download sources, and review information for their focused grants.

Also, to provide live-streaming and marketing services such as virtual webinar recordings, monthly newsletter distribution, and copy collateral for document briefs, pamphlets, etc.

Business Statement

The Indian Health Service (IHS) Behavioral Health Integration Initiative’s (BH2I) goal is to have all IHS clinics equipped with integrated care. The care is focused on holistic consideration with mind, body, spirit, and emotions integrated along with primary care, all under one roof for the patient’s ease. BH2I is the contract that employs this integration intending to train clinics on how to host healthcare resources as a one-stop-shop for those that may not seek the help they need primarily due to inaccessibility.

The Process

In the first month of the contract, the project manager of the BH2I contract contacted Vexing Media to create the digital toolkit for the BH2I grantees. The project manager hired Vexing Media because of our previous experience with and the understanding of Native companies.

After establishing the new website’s goals and expectations, we then determined the need for copy collateral and document briefs that needed to be distributed to the grantees. The client wanted to update information internally and with the ease of accessibility for external website users.

There was also a need to brand the website with fresh colors and fonts. Airam and Brandon of Vexing Media collaborated with the project manager to create a functional and visually practical website for grantees to access the necessary tools.

Because of the pandemic, virtual events not only needed to be scheduled and executed with exceptional coordination, there was also a need for the recording of virtual meetings and live-streaming services. The project manager connected with Tom of Vexing Media to create a post-production plan for streaming the edited videos on the new website for future use.

“An important element of the BH2I T/TA Center is the digital toolkit. Under the statement of work with IHS, the section about Evaluation and Reporting, the toolkit is described to ‘lay groundwork for effective integrated care.’ Our digital toolkit provides access to integrated care and COVID-19 resources, grantee meeting and webinar handouts and recordings, and other information needed for any clinic interested in integrated care.”

The Results

Over the past three years, Vexing Media has produced work for 32 webinars. We have provided traveling camera training used for filming videos to be released to individual Native communities. We produced a monthly newsletter service and worked with the client to design a set of IHS posters with COVID-19 information and suicide prevention.

“In the past several months since the pandemic began and as it continues, we hear from the grantees that if it weren’t for the implementation of their integrated care models and the support provided by everyone associated with the BH2I T/TA Center, they wouldn’t have been able to respond to the needs of their communities as quickly during this crisis.”

Because of the quick turnaround time and effective collaborative effort from the client and the Vexing Media team, executing the website with resources and training support during the pandemic led to a helpful response for the Native communities and clinics that needed aid.

BH2I Flyers and Document Design
BH2I Website Design

What's Next

We view collaboration and community involvement as critical elements for our clients and our company’s success. We have been thankful to have worked with the IHS and BH2I contracts.

We look forward to future website maintenance, re-branding, and digital or physical copy collateral services we can provide to organizations who want a freshness representing their voice and mission.

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