Sprout New Life to your Website with a WordPress Redesign!

Spring is here!

While most of us are spending our time at home, a neatly maintained lawn makes for more enjoyable time spent outdoors. Recently we did some spring cleaning for Pristine Lawn Care! No, we weren’t out mowing lawns; instead, we moved their website over to WordPress.

To some, this may not seem like a big deal, but to Pristine Lawn Care, it means that their website will be painless to use and offer better performance. Pristine Lawn Care approached us with some major concerns about their previous website. No one was finding it! They were no where to be found on search engines like Google. This means they were losing out on valuable customer interactions. Switching them over to WordPress has not only made it easier to use but easier to be found. They are now ranking higher on Google and more people are visiting their website.

Every website uses a CMS or Content Management System to structure and organize their website content. WordPress is a superb system that allows all users, no matter their web experience, to upload, arrange, and update their content seamlessly. So, whether you have a simple one-page website, blog, or an online store with thousands of inventory items, we have used WordPress on almost all our websites.

Why use WordPress for your website?

The reasons are endless, but we find that the 5 most important reasons to use WordPress for your website are:

Easy to use

  • WordPress is designed to be easy to use and accessible. Meaning that all users, no matter how tech-savvy they are, can get under the hood of their website and add or change their content.

Great for SEO

  • With the use of plug-ins and an understanding of SEO practices, WordPress is a beautiful system built to communicate well with Search Engines. This feature will boost your organic site traffic and ultimately help you reach your website goals.

Beautiful Design for desktop and mobile

  • Screens come in all shapes and sizes. That is why it is vital to a website’s performance that it is dynamic and optimized to look exceptional on any device.

Perfect for professionals

  • WordPress is a programmer’s playground. Dive deep into the website’s code to fully customize your website and reach its full potential. Thousands of plug-ins are created by third parties to help make your website flawless.

Even better for novices

  • Bringing us back to our first point. Once your website is up and running, you or your team can easily make the changes needed to share with the world your brilliant work!

Don’t just take our word for it! 35% of the web is using WordPress. That number is insane! Think about all the websites wondering out into the vast abyss of the internet. More than 1/3 of those sites use WordPress.

Not every website needs a full makeover. If your CMS is just not cutting it, allow us to transfer it over to WordPress. Many clients, like Pristine Lawn Care, have trusted Vexing Media to transfer their website over to WordPress. Get in contact today and get a free web design quote.