Pro Backlink Building Tips and How to Know If Your SEO Could Be Better

Why Are Backlinks Important Again?

Backlinks distribute your website’s information to a specific audience, searching for the content and information you have worked hard to present. 

Yes, content is absolutely a key to a well-discovered website. 

Still, SEO may be negatively affected without proper backlinks because of a lack of trust within the audience and, more importantly, a lack of Pagerank trust for the search bots to discover your business. 

Google and other search engines use Pageranking for passing that trusted authority to you based on where your links are placed. For example, you will be ranked higher if a page or blog post links to your website, especially if the search engines recognize those pages or posts as relevant and high ranking.

Should You Use Link Analysis Tools? 

Some online tools have the necessary resources to provide your website with a backlink analysis that your website currently portrays. For example, some tools use competitive analysis to contrast your leading competitors to your link usage/trust capabilities and determine the next steps for link building. 

One of the most common issues our clients have faced is once receiving their website’s SEO reports or overall backlink analysis; they didn’t know what to do with that information or simply did not have the time to determine the best next steps for their website.

So, should you use link analysis tools? The answer is yes! However, some tools can provide a lot of information that may or may not be relevant to your SEO needs.

A great way to move forward with an analysis or SEO report is to have an annual plan in motion to project exactly what action steps to take when needing to see improvement, no matter how much traffic you would like to accumulate. 

We at Vexing Media understand how frustrating it can be to know that you have an amazing product or website and yet are not receiving the traffic you deserve. We take information and turn it into a tangible and functional plan depending on the business’ needs.

Do I Need to Create a Blog Segment on My Website?

No matter which website you read about establishing a better SEO or creating more traffic to your website, you will likely see the phrase, “Create some high-quality blog posts (or articles) on an industry-related topic that will interest your customers on a consistent basis.”

You will likely see this phrase because creating relevant and intriguing content will ultimately interest your customers. This is the whole point of having a website, right? To engage, intrigue, share, and hopefully benefit your business in the long run!

Create a blog within your website and utilize a person on staff to write relevant and informational blogs or articles with keywords and topic relevance in mind. Or, hiring recent graduate student guest bloggers could be a great way for them to flex their new knowledge while also gaining published experience when populating your blog segment. 

Or, if you can contract out, hiring guest blogging or ghostwriting agencies to write relevant content will save you time and significantly increase your website’s traffic capability. 

Social Media Link Building 

While social media links are technically labeled as “no-follow” links (links that do not boost the PageRank), providing links from social media to your website can increase overall engagement, which can work in favor of building trust to the search engines. 

New, relevant, keyword full, and related backlinks can spring your website’s content into life. However, it is not enough to merely post fantastic photos or write a short paragraph updating folks on your new products. You not only have to connect with your audience, but you also have to engage in the dance with those search engines you will never speak to over the phone or have them get to know your small business’s goals and dreams. 

Because of this, taking the necessary steps to engage with those search engine bots with hopes to connect you with your audience will create long-term brand awareness and trust that will increase your visibility to those seeking your services. 

Acquiring Backlinks 

Do. Not. Purchase. An. Abundance. Of. Backlinks. 


Most things worth having do not come in a short amount of time. Much like it takes time to build trust with our loved ones, Pagerank and TrustRank take time for search engines to recognize your website and information as relevant and valuable to an audience. 

Try looking at link and SEO building as a long-term relationship that you pour time and effort into. 

Here are some basic link building steps to take (over time): 

  1. Do your research by finding what your audience will want to read/learn/purchase/etc.
  2. Analyze your current website to discover what you like and don’t prefer about your content available to an audience.
  3. Hire an agency to run monthly SEO reports to determine what is working well for your current website, what needs improvement, and what your top competitors are doing.
  4. Continue to add relevant content to your website utilizing keywords that your audience will likely type into a search bar (we at Vexing Media also run a list of keywords that your competitors are using to assess what keywords would be best to focus on and which are redundant for SEO purposes). 
  5. Create a blog segment on your website and consider hiring a guest blogger or writing in-house articles relevant to your business to increase trust awareness for search engines.
  6. Contact business partners, collaborators, non-profit organizations, forums, etc., that you can work with to share backlinks and create greater trust between your website and the search engines. By establishing these relationships over time, you can know that your website’s links are adequately represented to other readers who may need your information. 
  7. Consider a contest or giveaway to pair with an influencer or blogger who is popular and relevant to your business. 
    1. For example: if you are a cybersecurity company that has contacted your partners and non-profit contributors for collaboration, and you have decided that you need to access more social media traffic to reach other bloggers or influencers that create content with your topic of cybersecurity in mind; consider posting a giveaway that includes working with other cyber-secure companies or bloggers that offer educational resources to engage the same audiences. 

Will My Hard Work Ever Pay Off?

Concept of teamwork of business women in the meeting room. Business work successfully as a team.

Over time, and with consistent work, your traffic will increase. 

That is not our guarantee alone; Google states the basics on how it searches URLs; “Google searches the web with automated programs called crawlers, looking for pages that are new or updated. Google stores those page addresses (or page URLs) in a big list to look at later. We find pages by many different methods, but the main method is following links from pages that we already know about.” 

The search engines know which pages paid for backlinks and which pages took the time to explore the other established websites that they could build a relationship with to showcase their website’s links. 

We can promise you that the “easy way” of purchasing multiple links can damage your credibility to the search engines forever. They know when link building was not done in a reputable way that would bring a real audience to a website, and they may choose to place your URL in a specific “bad weblink” section, never to be seen by the public again.  

Building trust over time will make a friendship with those search bots. That friendship will gain significant traffic. 

Time is everything, and a quick fix can feel frustrating when traffic is not looking how you want it to look. 

So, we at Vexing Media say that patience with action is key!