New 2022 Podcast For Movie Buffs


If you are an avid moviegoer, you have likely stared at the black screen with scrolling tiny white letters in either disbelief, a feeling of unresolve, disappointment at the ending, or a sense of awe. Maybe you have left the theater chatting with your friends about how much better the storyline could have been or how there were holes in the plot that made the ending unbelievable. 

Or maybe you have come up with ideas for a film that you wish you could email to your good pal, George Lucas, and chat about all the difficulties the heroine may encounter over a cup of blue milk or some Jawa juice…

We hear you, and we too have fun mustering up ideas with friends for an amazing movie plot. So, today we want to share with you one of the most fun, dissecting, thought-provoking, and NEW podcasts hosted by our very own, Thomas J. Brown, along with his friends and co-idea builders, Emily and F. Paul Shepard.

The podcast was dreamt by the three long-time friends who enjoy creating stories from means that may seem improbable, or implausible rather, and creating their collaborative ideas to a plot that listeners of all genres can engage with. 

Each episode is recorded virtually and follows a loose format of pitching ideas surrounding a topic or object, then the true storyline-cultivating magic begins. The three hosts work through the chosen story, its characters, the object’s journey through the film, and hope by the end, they end up with a story that’s at least almost plausible.

The “goal” of the process is to have fun, be creative, and engage in an activity they enjoy while connecting with the community of film seekers. 

What can you expect from the vibe of this unique podcast? 

Incidentally comedic, light-hearted, relaxed, easy weekend listening, and fun ideas you can follow along with and contribute to within the comments!

You can find this new podcast anywhere you stream your podcasts with a guaranteed new episode every Tuesday.

A huge congratulations to our outstanding Senior Web Developer, Thomas J. Brown, on his new podcast release!