Do You Have Social Media Marketing Fatigue?

Marketing through social media is one of those beasts some know as a “necessary evil.” 

Every successful social media marketing blog says businesses must post at least once or twice a day, post relevant stories to boost the algorithm, message back as soon as possible, and comment and engage with our followers. The list goes on and on, and some of us feel detached from real life and yet feel that we are always lacking in followers, likes, and engagement overall. 

Clodagh O’Brien of the Digital Marketing Institute states, “Algorithms are used on social media to sort content in a user’s feed. With so much content available it’s a way for social networks to prioritize content they think a user will like based on several factors…. But be warned, social media algorithms are by no means perfect.”

Because successful social media marketing for a business is such a monster at times, we wanted to touch base on a few of the listed tasks above for a couple of encouraging tips if you are experiencing social media marketing fatigue.

Hiring a social media marketing agency can relieve the stress of the daily constraints of being tied to your phone. However, there are some small habits you can create that can offer long-term engagement-building results. 

Why does social media take so much of my time?

We are all looking for content-building possibilities, whether it’s a shot of behind-the-scenes work we do, a photo of an employee hard at work or being silly, or whether it’s a professional photoshoot to showcase new products. 

Often, we know we need to post something because we know that our audience needs to see that we are successful and worth their dollar or time, yet we don’t have media on hand that reflects our brand or mission. 

More than media, writing engaging and relevant content for your audience is an entirely different form of an animal to tame. 

We get it; social media marketing is complex. While it can offer loads of exposure, connections, and potential customers, it can also take time from your busy life, business, or personal life. 

So what is the bare minimum you can do to increase your social media engagement?

Our social media marketing department at Vexing Media wants to share a few essential tips on living the day-to-day paired with some good social media forming habits that won’t take you away from time spent on your passion projects or precious time with family and friends.

Social Media Tips

  • Plan out your day, week, or month of posts a month ahead of time.
    • Creating an editorial calendar for your social media is a great way to implement a portion of “free” marketing into your business plan. We created a template based on the post date, content, media, topic, and a few other handy tools to plot out our client’s month of social media posts in advance. This allows for easy posting that is on-brand, a consistent message to their audience, and laid out, so the client can approve the overall look of the posts, and in the order they choose. 
  • Posting more doesn’t always equal more engagement.
    • If possible, it is best to post on your Facebook and Instagram accounts once or twice per day. As your first post of the day is typically the highest to be engaged with, it is recommended that you space out your posts six to nine hours apart. 
  • Run a social media analytics report…trust us.
    • This is one of those monthly things you can add to your other business tasks as it offers a wide range of information from engagement rates of the current month compared to previous months and loads of additional helpful planning information. We summarize social media analytic reports to our clients each month. They always know where they started, where their engagement and follower count is currently, and what we can do in the future to increase overall social media success depending on their needs. 

Contact us today (insert link) for more information on social media marketing or if you would like us to assess how we can help increase your social media following and engagement. We would love to offer you a free quote and get to know your business more!