Project Mission

To design an easy yet efficient website that is user-friendly for all ages.

Business Statement

Santa Express is a holiday retail store for all children in the Spokane, WA community; many of whom make this shopping experience part of their holiday tradition. The entirety of proceeds from the store benefits Vanessa Behan, a safe shelter for kids who are in crisis situations.

The Process

The Santa Express mission is to create a fun and unique shopping experience for children to shop for the adults in their lives. The adults can set a budget for the gift, and the young shoppers are paired with an “elf” to ensure the gift is chosen and wrapped with a surprise element for the parent, grandparent, or caretaker of the child. All proceeds are then donated to Vanessa Behan.

This fun element of children shopping for their adults was put to a halt for the 2020 Christmas season due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The adult and children customers were not able to shop in person or work with chosen “elves” to create that element of surprise. This is when we were contacted to design the new website.

Hayley Lydig of Hayley Lydig Events worked with Brandon and Thomas of Vexing Media to create a user-friendly experience throughout the entire designing process for the new Santa Express website.

Because of a relatively quick turnaround time for executing this new website with a complete rebranding, e-commerce execution, and online forms, our website development process was initiated, and the design process began immediately.

Airam of Vexing Media created the Santa Express website’s overall aesthetic and produced a new logo with custom colors and fonts representing familiarity and brand recognition for its annual customers.

Thomas and Brandon worked to ensure the site was easy to navigate, looked appealing to all ages, and constantly monitored the site to ensure the entirely new shopping experience worked efficiently. And finally, Mariah proofed and edited all content on each page of the new website.

The Results

Because of the nature of user experience and ordering ability within the new website, Santa Express can offer an in-person AND online shopping experience for their local customers for years to come. This non-profit did not let a pandemic hold them back from collecting funds for the crisis nursery or providing a fun holiday experience for those that stayed home for the holidays to stay safe.

Santa Express Website

What's Next

A shift in a business’s needs is inevitable, pandemic or not. Knowing how to address your audience and customer’s needs is essential to welcoming a trusting and easy experience for years to come. Santa Express knew how to make these necessary shifts and hired us to execute their new purchasing systems.

We offer complete website redesigns with your voice, brand, and mission in mind. Do you need a customized experience for your consumer base? Tell us about it! We are so excited to hear your story and work to create your unique dreams into a reality.

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