Robot Rundown

Available on the , puts a new spin on the old arcade games of the past. With a fun and humor-filled storyline that ties directly into the popular Sci-Fi web series Transolar Galactica, offers both Transolar fans and newcomers an addictively entertaining gaming experience styled completely in an “old-school” 8-bit look.

The game will test your skills as you battle your way through 10 levels of arcade shooting action. You play as Sol-Bot, the underappreciated, motorized newbie of the S.S. Transolar’s crew. After an unintended crash, you learn that the S.S. Transolar’s flight records, including the truth behind the accident, are stored within your databanks. That makes you a target.

Now the UGCA is after your beating mechanical heart, and it’s up to you and your Transolar allies to escape. Use your thrusters to dodge obstacles, fire your Destro-Disks to destroy enemies, or just use your shields to crash through them all.

On top of the fun and challenging gameplay, also features nearly 30 minutes of HD video content in both animated and live-action cut scenes which humorously weave the story of Sol-Bot’s harrowing escape throughout the entire game.

Robot Rundown is currently available for on the Apple AppStore. Please visit for more Robot Rundown information, including videos and screenshots of the app.

Also, be sure to visit to learn more about the Transolar Galactica series. Robot Rundown was developed by Transolar Galactica Proudctions, LLC in partnership with Vexing Media, a digital media company based in Spokane, WA.