Project Mission

To create a new website with recognizable, fun, and approachable branding geared towards patients of all ages.

Business Statement

We work to improve vision through therapy and research. Our research focuses on how eyes work together, specifically intermittent central suppression and its effect on reading. We’ve also researched therapy for these problems, specifically using rapid alternation to treat intermittent central suppression and amblyopia.

The Process

We created an entirely new and informationally designed website for Doctor Hussey and installed plug-ins to allow for easy informational video uploading and resource sharing.

We also developed and created a character; Dr. EYEnstein, was designed to create a fun and approachable experience for the frequently seen young patients. This character is a fun visual representation of a research-based optometrist office in the Spokane area.

We provided Dr. Hussey with the necessary media properly formatted for all media sharing and printing purposes.

The Results

The new Dr. Hussey website provides informational research and contact information to connect with the optometrist community as a whole to provide each patient with the best possible services.

Vexing media also provides monthly social media services such as scheduling, content creation advice, and analytics for the Facebook, Google my Business, and Instagram platforms of Dr. Hussey’s office.

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What's Next

We continue to work with Dr. Hussey and the team by reporting website and social media analytics. We encourage each social media post with the primary goal of deriving traffic to the website to create a new and recurring business.

Our marketing strategy is to create a website that reflects the business or organization as a whole. We then want to create a lasting relationship with each client to ensure the branding, website design, content development, etc., is exceeding the client’s expectations. With this effort and other various tactics, we utilize SEO tools and analytics within social media platforms to monitor progress and report to the client with suggestions for improvement.

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