Project Mission

Catholic Charities is a non-profit organization that has been serving its community for over one hundred years. They needed fresh branding for all new print media and required a guideline book for official branding and formatting purposes. They were looking to hire a design agency to contact for all upcoming events, newsletter media, and all other copy collateral.

Business Statement

Catholic Charities affirms the dignity of every person, partnering with parishes and the greater community to serve and advocate for those who are vulnerable, bringing stability and hope to people throughout Eastern Washington.

The Process

Upon connecting with the Catholic Charities communications department, we knew they needed quick designs with all new media for their fast-approaching fundraising events.

After hearing the organization’s specific needs, we created branding based on the Catholic Charities’ voice to their audience. Airam designed a custom aesthetic to set them apart and continue to build trust within their community.

We created a guideline book for those working with Catholic Charities to ensure official brand sharing practices.

Finally, we sent the correct formatting to the non-profit and connected them with printing professionals to guarantee proper print sizing and consistency for all future uses.

The Results

Director of marketing and communications at Catholic Charities, Sarah Yerden, states,

“We haven’t needed to change a single design after each first draft because Airam always found the genuine voice of our organization. We have regularly been thrilled with the work sent to us by Vexing Media.”

The organization has continued to see success in brand recognition and trusts our design team to create compelling and consistent branding within various programs offered.

Catholic Charities Eastern Washington Marketing Materials Design
Catholic Charities Eastern Washington materials design
Catholic Charities Eastern Washington Gala Event materials design

What's Next

It doesn’t need to end with an updated design! We continue to work alongside our clients to ensure all branding needs are taken care of.

Because of the initial rebranding and additional copy collateral, the Catholic Charities organization can efficiently host virtual fund-raising events and collaborate efficiently with fresh branding that encourages trust and recognition.

Please learn about our custom branding development process here!