Gain control over your content by taking advantage of Vexing Media’s vetted strategic approach to content management. By collaborating with your team’s creatives, our Social Media Managers develop an analytic driven Social Media Strategy, while providing a Monthly Editorial Calendar. Our Managers have a deep understanding of each platform and structure your provided written content and media assets, like photos, videos, and graphics, to fit each platform’s functionality. Advanced software provides insight into audience engagement and interaction. With the provided data, each month, an extensive analytic report is crafted to optimize strategic efforts and inform stakeholders. Plans can be adjusted to fit your needs.

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Content Writing

If your needs go beyond Social Media Management, our content writers produce like worthy posts and content worth sharing. Gain followers and drive engagement with quality content. Our content writers work with your creative team to ensure a fluid voice across all platforms. Don’t have a creative team? Allow Vexing to take over, your followers will thank you later and hopefully leave a review! To learn more about our content writers, see some of our past work.

Social Media Setup and Configuration

Social media platforms require various settings. We will work with you on configuring those platforms to meet the requirements of your organization. Platform configurations may include:

  • Branding graphics, logo, header image
  • Organization description, business hours, categories, keywords
  • Products and services offered
  • Contact information
  • Ways for your audience to contact you via messaging platforms
  • Custom content, e.g., Facebook tabs
  • Notifications and setting a point of contact
  • Connecting platforms to social media management tools

What you get with our social media plans

Each month, deliverables are provided to your team. Listed below is a description of these deliverables.

Editorial Calendar

An Editorial Calendar is vital to a Social Media Strategy’s success. The Editorial Calendar will outline the content topics as well as the dates the posts will go live. The Calendar is created one month in advance. Based on the analytics from the month before, out team will adjust the Editorial Calendar to optimize performance. We will also meet with you on an annual basis to review social media topics for the year

Post Confirmation/Approval

Clear communication will be made with your team to confirm posting and any content approvals if necessary. Vexing Media customizes any approval processes to fit your organization’s needs.

Monthly Analytic Report

After each month, a report will be drawn to illustrate each post’s performance on each platform. This report is used to make informed decisions and craft a data-driven approach for future content. Goals and strategies will be tailored to your needs and desired outcomes. Our team is always available to discuss the analytics to stay informed and adjust strategy.

Platform Monitoring

Social Media, is a quick and simple way to communicate with your following. At Vexing Media, we understand the importance of being responsive. Our team will monitor account activity and notify your team if a response or action is necessary. Our Account Managers will be advisors to your team and help facilitate responses. Examples of activities we monitor include messages, customer reviews and post engagement.

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