We know that having a social media presence can be challenging, time-consuming, and sometimes even intimidating especially while maintaining a business. Choosing content that will access the ideal audience while also monitoring the analytics of each post to ensure the best possible outcome of each photo, video, or characters displayed can sometimes be overlooked simply due to a lack of time and resources. The team at Vexing Media is here to help with the onboarding, set-up, maintenance, and marketing process for your business’ social media success.

The social media management team at Vexing Media is here to make your life easier and ultimately to connect your business with the right audience, near or far. Having a social media presence does not merely suggest keeping up with the trends of today, but it is also vital for brand awareness, client engagement, consumer trust, and becoming a visual reminder of all you have built for you and your business to showcase. You have poured your soul into your industry, let us represent your brand in a way that reflects your dedication while connecting you with a curated audience that needs to be educated on all you have to offer.

We work with our clients on developing, creating, implementing, and monitoring social media content and strategies. We utilize tools such as editorial calendars, marketing approaches, and customized content to help our clients build the ideal online presence. Our goal is to increase brand awareness on as many platforms as possible through omnichanneling while promoting gaining followers, educating an audience, and building an online community.

The Vexing Media social media management team is also skilled in SEO to ensure the best possible focused traffic for your website so whether you are just starting out and need to build trust, gain more clients, or if you simply need to engage more with the audience you already have our management team is ready to provide you with the analytics of engagement and can offer marketing tools for your short or long-term success within each post.

Services Included

Vexing Media will work with up to three social media platforms to post content based on a monthly editorial calendar. We will work with your staff to identify topics and content appropriate for posting on social media. You will be responsible for writing content, and supplying any media assets, including photos, graphics, and/or videos. We will provide a method for your staff to send copy and media assets to be used for social media posts. Final social media posts will contain the same content across all platforms but may vary depending on platform limitations or formatting requirements. Vexing Media uses online tools to send out social media posts and collect data on audience engagement with the posts. We will require you to provide Vexing Media access to any existing social media accounts associated with our services. A monthly report will be created, showing visitor’s behaviors with recommendations by Vexing Media on content updates to improve search results. Our staff will implement content changes based on the data in the monthly report and update meta descriptions to promote better traffic to the platform.