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Squish’m Coming soon to the iPhone and iPad! Warm up your squishing fingers and get ready squish, squash, and kill those pesky bugs! Squish’m! is an all ages, all fingers on deck adventure through the forest. Battle your way through hordes of flies, mosquitos, bees, and more. Try to survive angry flying ants and pick […]

Robot Rundown

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Available on the Apple App Store, Robot Rundown puts a new spin on the old arcade games of the past. With a fun and humor-filled story line that ties directly into the popular Sci-Fi web series Transolar Galactica, Robot Rundown offers both Transolar fans and newcomers an addictively entertaining gaming experience styled completely in an “old-school” […]

Tap Streak

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Now available on iOS, Amazon, Google Play, and the Mac App Store! Race your way through the progressively difficult memory game of Tap Streak. Watch the sequences unfold, test your memory, and try to match the pattern. It’s a perfect time-killer! Watch out, it can be addicting. What started as a weekend idea for a […]