Pro Backlink Building Tips and How to Know If Your SEO Could Be Better

Read Time: ~5min Why Are Backlinks Important Again? Backlinks distribute your website’s information to a specific audience, searching for the content and information you have worked hard to present.  Yes, content is absolutely a key to a well-discovered website.  Still, SEO may be negatively affected without proper backlinks because of a lack of trust within […]

New Local Professional Basketball Team – The Lilac City Legends

The new professional Basketball team in Spokane, Lilac City Legends, is striding forward with a winning mind and a communal heart. The founder of the team, Michael Bethely, has made a dream come to fruition with the support of his community and a team that doesn’t quit. Vexing Media had the opportunity to chat with […]

Local Website Design and Rebranding

Read time: ~6min Maintaining consistent revenue during the ever-fluctuating global pandemic of COVID-19 was a difficult path to maneuver for many small businesses. Many struggled to keep doors open while the people of the city were encouraged to stay home, stay safe, and maintain distance as much as possible. Due to this shift in a […]

2021 Seattle International Film Festival Selection, “All Those Small Things.”

Author: Mariah Desirae Manes Read Time: ~6 Minutes The upcoming film, “All Those Small Things,” written and directed by Andrew Hyatt, to be released on April 9th, 2021, will hold an indulgent cast that took foot right on the sidewalks of the film industry’s “best-kept secret,” Spokane, Washington. Mariah of Vexing Media was delighted to […]

Page Title vs H1: Layman’s Terms

Author: Mariah Desirae Manes Read Time: ~6 min. Does optimizing your website’s Titles and Headers really matter? Well, YES! …But why? When creating an arbitrary page title to display the content within a page, one may be missing out on some amazing opportunities for the search ability of a website.  What does a title tag […]

Local Advocates Supporting the Children of Spokane

Read time: ~7 min. Author: Mariah Desirae Manes The Spokane community has been through a lot this past year, to say the least. This Eastern Washington city has truly experienced greatness shining out of the darkness by those supporting local families, businesses, and more. Spokane has been blessed to receive the benefits of those serving, […]

Spokane Jewish Cultural Film Festival – “Hope in a Broken World”

Read time: ~6min. Author: Mariah Desirae Manes When accessing our news or social media resources in the year 2020, it often felt that there was no end to the daily happenings of a politicized pandemic, economic downturns, or even violence-driven desperations. In light of the tumultuous COVID-19 pandemic, virtual events have become convenient and often […]

Spokane Non-Profit Parentless and Contactless Shopping

By: Mariah Desirae Manes December 4th, 2020 ~5 minute read. Santa Express is a non-profit shopping experience established in 1992 that is focused on children having the opportunity to shop for the adults in their lives during the Christmas season with 100% of the proceeds given to Vanessa Behan for children in crisis situations. While […]

Sprout New Life to your Website with a WordPress Redesign!

Spring is here! While most of us are spending our time at home, a neatly maintained lawn makes for more enjoyable time spent outdoors. Recently we did some spring cleaning for Pristine Lawn Care! No, we weren’t out mowing lawns; instead, we moved their website over to WordPress. To some, this may not seem like […]

How are you communicating during this COVID-19 crisis?

Wow! What a month march was. The world will be different after all of this. Much will change. As a modern startup in Spokane Washington, we are faced with many challenges to adapt to the sudden disruption of our daily routines. Our team has altered their work lives by working from home to help prevent […]