When doing a simple Google search for finding tips on building your website, you will likely get top ad results from Wix, Squarespace, GoDaddy, etc.  As these website-building platforms are said to be user-friendly and easy to build beautiful websites “for FREE,” you will likely find a template that you love at a price that you may not love as much.

While it can be easy to design a website with the colors and layout that you love, multiple factors can stand in the way of accessibility for your audience.

Deciding to build your website is an understandable move for a new business or when trying to save money overall. However, when hiring a website design team paired with a marketing content writer who is writing to improve SEO, some benefits can provide success in the long term. 

We utilize WordPress’s strengths of offering a user-friendly website paired with our HTML custom functions and web design with your brand identity in mind. 

Why WordPress?  

Here are five reasons why we love WordPress (as website developers). 

  • Proper content formatting – it matters, trust us.
  • Custom design – no more cookie-cutter websites!
  • E-commerce ease – SKU’s, inventory importing, images, and other possible headaches.
  • SEO compatible – that thing that allows your audience to actually find your website…
  • Plug-in, or don’t? – plain and simple, the plug-in dos and don’ts! 

Why have properly formatted content throughout your website?

We know this seems like a given, but one cannot simply write out information and throw it up on their website, to some’s surprise. It must be done in a format that search engines can recognize easily. 

Because of this, there are systems in place where we can meet with each client and determine the content they desire to have on their new website. We then write the content thoroughly. 

We work alongside the client to ensure their voice is portrayed accurately. 

Working with a content manager can ensure the content flows nicely on each page and throughout the website’s functions. 

For example, suppose you have an “About” page that you would like to showcase previous work for the history of your company. In that case, there are aesthetically pleasing ways to display the content while also being user-friendly. 

Have you seen websites that all “look the same?”

While we believe that simple yet effective websites gain audience trust and offer ease of browsing, creating a website that stands out from the rest will ultimately create a more appealing brand for your audience.

When business owners decide to create their website, they typically choose a template that thousands of other businesses have used. They may change the colors (as much as the generator will allow for the free version) or the font, but there is not much you can move around within each template. 

Custom Functions allows you to customize each information piece throughout your website. Once we create a custom template, we work with you to determine your wants and needs for fun animations, buttons, layout, custom colors, and so much more all with our built-in HTML and layout design. 

Let’s talk e-commerce

Client example:

Elz Tastes and Tea wanted an efficient website that would offer customers the ease of purchasing online and in-store. 

The website’s goal was not merely a stand-alone feature; the aim was to marry functionality with a recognizable aesthetic that would reflect the in-store experience and provide virtual shopping for those local and afar.

Because of their new branding and design, their website was built with their color pallet, beautiful photos of their products, and an approachable web page with all the information needed on the main page to guide the audience to their products. 

WordPress is a great starting point for e-commerce as it allows for plug-ins like Stripe to offer an easy buying experience for the user. 

With ease, WordPress allows a website developer to create an entirely built out and designed website from scratch with functions up to SEO standards. 

Search Engine Optimization? IMPORTANT

SEO is one of the key reasons to hire a website developer because of the importance of layout and design. Anyone can create a website on WordPress fairly easily; WordPress is designed to offer quick and relatable website templates to meet the needs of the masses.

However, creating a website with proper formatting to be searchable by internet crawlers takes skill, time, and efficiency that cannot be faked. Multiple factors go into making a clean website, and there are unique tools such as Ubersuggest that offer website analytics to determine what bugs can be fixed.

Plug-ins? Sure! But only if you can keep up with the updates…

We see a lot of clients who are frustrated with their websites because they are either too slow or not working efficiently.

More often than not, they have outdated plug-ins that need an update, or the plug-in itself got lost somewhere in the dozens of fancy new plug-ins that were chosen at the initial making of the website but not used since. 

WordPress offers a wide range of plug-ins for functionality (and fun, too) that can sometimes be overwhelming. Adding the necessary plug-ins will ensure optimum experience and ease of use for your audience! That is what offering an amazing website is all about.

So, why WordPress? 

We love WP for multiple reasons, but mainly, we find that building a website that isn’t cookie-cutter is best when made with tools that reflect the clients’ mission. We use WP as a tool in our pocket to allow the clients’ needs to shine through. 

If you are embarking on a new website and want to offer your audience a smooth and effective experience, contact us today to see if we can help you with the next steps. Answer our questionnaire below to determine if your current website is in need of some help.

Do you need website help?

If you answer YES to any of these questions, contact us today to see if we can assist you in your website’s health and design.

  • Your website does not function properly
  • You wish there were a quick way to update your website
  • Your business needs more traffic
  • You offer more (or less) products than what your website currently showcases.
  • You have a rotating inventory, and it’s challenging to keep up with the demand.
  • You have old branding that does not reflect the business you are today
  • You want to revamp your logo and need a website that reflects your new colors/design
  • You need a new website but do not have time to create one
  • You need a new logo but are nervous about formatting for posting on social media or other platforms
  • You need new media collateral that is formatted best for printing, and you are nervous about wasting money if the sizing is off
  • You have an awesome website, but you wish you ranked higher on the Google search engine results for your audience to see it
  • You have an awesome website that is often neglected, and you want someone to update it frequently to make sure your customer base is receiving the necessary information
  • Your friends are telling you to hire us… thanks, friends!