Why Should You Hire a Marketing Agency for Google Ad Buying?

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Some of the main questions we receive from our current clients or potential clients are, “Do you know about Google Ad buying and if it actually works?” or, “I have spent so much money in marketing, and it feels like I don’t have any progress or an end goal. Can you help us with Google Ad buying?”

It can be challenging as a business operator to do all the day-to-day functions, social media curation, employee management, and all the while trying to figure out how to reach a greater audience to hear your mission.

We love these types of questions because all too often, it is easy to be consumed in a routine of the daily grind, and it can be easy, for any of us, to forget that the process is just as important as the outcome of a marketing campaign.

In this article, we want to take a few key questions we have received specifically about Google Ad buying and break them down in a simple yet effective way. We want your website users to obtain a clear and concise message of your mission while staying within your marketing budget for each month, quarter, or year. 

Marketing is a beast! 

However, you do not have to fight that beast alone. 

We also want to show a bit of our process when determining our clients’ optimal Ad campaign process.

No business, company, or organization is alike! We are a small business that takes great pride in offering each client the optimal experience. We listen, curate, and produce based on the needs of our clients paired with the trends of their industry. 

The questions we will aim to answer with this article are as follows:

  • Will Google Ads actually boost my audience engagement? 
  • Why can’t I just post content to my page and have millions of interested viewers who buy all my things?
  • Once I post my Google Ad, what now? 

These questions are valid and relevant to those wanting to boost a new product, offering, upcoming event, or increase overall brand engagement. 

Question #1: “Will Google Ads actually boost my audience engagement?”

The digital world we live in today is geared towards instant gratification with a fast-functioning body of possibilities. Because of this, we have multiple options at our very fingertips that can generate in mere seconds. 

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After Googling the keywords, “website development company Spokane,” I received “About 4,630,000 results” in 0.46 seconds. That is a LOT of options for someone trying to narrow their search from 4,630,000 to one…

Maybe the more important question at large is, “How can my brand stick out amongst the millions of other results on the world wide web today?”

An answer? Google Ads. 

In recent years, Google Ads have created a space for supply and demand to easily access the specific information needed to produce necessary content and obtain the option to purchase anything available on the market at any given time. 

Valve and Meter, a marketing firm state that “Consumers spend 10 percent more money in a store if they have clicked on the retailer’s Google search ad before visiting.”

Whether it is the trust for the brand that can purchase marketing space or simply because the searcher clicks the first option that pops up, Google Ads provides your curated content at the top of the page for easy user accessibility.

WebFX says, “The Google Display Network reaches 90% of online consumers.” If 90% of online consumers are reached by this detailed navigation process, that is where you want to display your content and gain as much audience attraction as possible.

So yes, Google Ads work. But how well?

Clutch reports, “Why do people click on paid ads? Because they answer a question (33%), mention a familiar brand (26%), are listed before other results (20%), or because they have a compelling title, description, or image (19%).” 

The catch with producing Google Ads is that you cannot simply punch out some hot words that you think will gain attraction. Curating a Google Ad with specific keywords and relevant information to your target audience will go a long way further than typing out a bunch of marketing language that we have all heard a million times.

“Google Ads results receive 65% of the clicks that started with buying keywords, while organic results only receive 35%,” states Askmedigi, a digital marketing firm. As the chances for your content seen is doubled, there are apparent reasons to utilize Google Ads as a piece of your next marketing campaign. 

Question #2: Why can’t I just post content to my page and have millions of interested viewers who want to buy all my products?

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We love this question because we understand this feeling! As if running a business wasn’t hard enough, now you want me to figure out how to reach my audience in new ways on the internet?! 

A short and sweet answer to this question could be answered in our article about all things SEO! Learn more about the functions of posting website content and how the search engines either see your content or pass it by altogether.

Another answer may be because online viewers of today do not access information through words alone; “Google Search Network offers six types of ads: text ads, dynamic search ads, call-only ads, shopping ads, and image and video ads (Google, 2020).”

Because Google uses multiple access points for your audience to view your content, more options are available for your viewers and you to connect.

You determine your voice, mission, and a general idea of the outcome you would like to see. Let us launch your voice into action by deciding which Google Ad access point will work best for you. 

Question #3: Once I post my Google Ad, what now? 

Man on laptop planning for analytics report

A challenging aspect of advertising is wondering, not only if the marketing campaign worked, but how? Too often, it’s easy to post an ad then walk away, crossing your fingers and hoping that it brings in the right kind of audience for your business.

A great way to find real answers to a post-”post” outcome is to run an analytics report. Any form of analytics, whether it be within each social media platform, Google analytics, or simply an internal analytics report; showcasing the previous period’s posts, where the business stands today, where the company would like to be as far as audience reach, and what to post for the future. 

Knowing where you are going based on the happenings of the past, the trends of today, and the future projections can give you fantastic insight into the level of marketing attention you need to hire an agency for. 

Google Ad buying is a beast in itself. Because there are so many unique ways to customize the Ad’s based on the analytics reports and the needs of the client, our clients have been grateful that we can generate a detailed report, offer suggestions, listen to their needs, and marry it all together for future posts that will ultimately gain a better audience following that is curated to their needs. 

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