What to Expect When You’re Expecting… An Entirely New Website Design?

If you are a business owner, an employee, or a consumer, you have likely known that to be a successful business in the year 2021 and beyond, you need to have a website. 

It doesn’t really matter if a website is used for selling products, downloading documents, or looking at a bunch of kittens cuddling all day. An audience will likely be looking for your business, and you determine how they receive the information you have to offer. 

I know that seems like a lot of pressure. Still, because consumers today want fast, easy, affordable, and intelligent results, you not only have to produce a website that is all those things, you also have to keep up with the competitors that are seemingly always one step ahead of you. 

So, say you have had a website for years, and your customers have used your website with little to no complaints. You’ve made a decent profit this year, and you want to spruce up your website to make the ordering process a bit easier for the users. 

Where do you begin?

We know creating an entirely fresh and new website can be scary as you want to avoid leading your recurring customers astray with a lack of brand awareness. However, hiring a website development company that understands brand trust and connectivity can give you the upper hand when designing a new website or freshening up your current website. 

It helps when you hire a small business because we walk the same path in user experience, style, and brand trust just as you are! 

We get it. We also see the potential in growing your business and offering ways to clean up a website with so much to offer yet may not be understood or easily accessed by the general public.

So really though, where do you begin?!

Well, here is OUR process that you can expect when walking through the redesign process with us.

Whether you are a small business, a government organization, a non-profit, or others, you got this, and we got you covered.

Our website development process

See this simple layout of our process from beginning to end:

  1. You contact us for your free website design quote.
  2. We hear your needs and wants for a new website and offer you a quote based on YOUR needs, NOT the industry standards.
  3. We send you a contract and hear your revisions to determine the best possible plan for your needs and ours. 
  4. We determine a date and time to meet with you virtually or in person. You meet with our project manager, graphic designer lead, and content development manager to discuss a creative strategy. We listen and also offer suggestions if you are comfortable. 
  5. Our content development lead will then put a Site Map together based on your needs and information from your current website. They will work with you to flesh out all content for each page of the new website.
  6. Once you approve all content, they will create the Wireframe that will establish the layout of the functions of the new website.
  7. Once you approve the Wireframe, the designing process begins! 
  8. You will work closely with our graphic designer to create a beautifully aesthetic married with your previously known colors and branding. OR, you create something entirely new. The options are endless for you.
  9. We create a complete website with custom functions for UX with proper SEO and HTML formatting, so you are discoverable to your target audience.
  10. You approve, and we go LIVE!

These ten steps are a glimpse into the intention and dedication behind our work on each website; however, it really is that simple. 

Yes, change is scary, and we recognize how intimidating the “techy” world can be. We understand and want to create a space where there are no odd questions and for you to feel comfortable with the process from beginning to end. 

What can you expect from a small business website developer?

You can expect quality work, focused and engaging meetings with your business always at the forefront, and trustworthy human relationships that listen to your needs.

Tell us about your website needs! We are excited to hear your story. 🙂