Should I Hire a Social Media Marketing Agency? The Answer is…😉👍

Social media has become one of the most effective marketing tools of the century; one cannot promote products or services without having an online and social media presence in the year 2021 and likely, beyond. 

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Social media can be tricky to properly market your brand and utilize each platform’s various benefits.

Sure, posting a photo is easy enough; devising a witty caption with relatable and SEO-friendly hashtags is simply a part of a day-to-day experience for most business owners these days. However, knowing how to draw an analytic report correctly and determine what to do with the findings? That can be an entirely different yet significant portion of a successful social media marketing plan.

Read with us as we discover the reasons to partner with a social media marketing agency to create the best social media marketing outcome possible, from ad buying to influencer business partnerships, to content curation, and so much more. Social media marketing offers a world of sales and exposure opportunities, and, on the flip side, it demands your consistent attention for its success. 

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Topics we will cover:

  • What is a marketing plan anyways? 
  • What are some marketing tools that social media agencies use that I don’t?
  • Why should I hire a social media marketing agency when I already know how to post amazing content?

So, what is a social media marketing plan anyways, and why do I need one?

One of the main misconceptions surrounding marketing through social media is that you have to have amazing content, and the audience will beg for your product. As long as you’re not posting blurry photos of your niece’s dog alongside your product, you are doing okay. Eh? Maybe not so much…

Creating and posting awesome content is smart in our day of fast information absorption and the ever-persistent need to scroll. However, what do you do when your content is beautiful, you believe your product is something a collection of people will want to buy, and still, you cannot reach the audience you need.

A social media marketing plan entails the information you need to narrow down the exact target audience for your branding. It also determines possible challenges or misconceptions that may come up along with labeling your main competitors and how they function. Every company has a weakness; a business’s weakness is not its failure. However, it would be a failure not to recognize your weaknesses and pay attention to the areas you could improve.

Amongst deciding the possible challenges the company may face, it is imperative to discover the voice and key advertising message the company has to offer an audience.

These attributes, along with data analysis, audience analysis reports (analyzing audience demographics and strategies that will benefit you and your audience), and so many more tools can set a company up for social media marketing success.

Other things to consider are the algorithms set up with your specific account.

Such as the time of the day that you post (yes! this absolutely matters!), if you have edited a post or deleted posts, etc. The list can go on and on with how algorithms see your profile, and ultimately, you want to make sure you are a rule follower when it comes to algorithms. Like SEO for websites, you want to make sure your profile is seen by your audience and the search engines that ultimately decide how much your content is seen by your audience.

Essentially, a social media marketing plan sets your business apart from producing loads of beautiful content and producing the right kind of content for the correct type of audience. As social media marketing agencies are trained in the language of all things SEO, ad-buying, hashtagging, and analysis reports, we can devise a plan that is uniquely yours. 

That is most likely why your hired marketing agent will be optimistic and excited throughout the entire process! We love finding your voice and puzzle piecing the narrative to meet the needs of your audience.

Ok, cool, but how would an agency create my marketing plan?

While we cannot speak for all other small-business marketing agencies, we can speak to a system we have built that we are proud of and are able to see our clients’ success.

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Vexing Media works with you to develop an exclusive marketing campaign focused on a single theme. Based on the theme, we design the overall aesthetic for your campaign. This theme is then carried across the various materials we create and implement.

The theme is designed with you and your audience in mind with the married needs you both share.

Your needs will be established with documents such as an onboarding sheet, a website SEO report, and other analytic reports needed, along with a goals-based conversation shared between you and us, your marketing team.

Based on these goals and findings, Vexing Media will determine a theme that can then be carried out throughout the marketing campaign as a whole. 

Some themes may suggest a goal such as “more website traffic,” or “new clients,” or “higher social media engagement,” amongst many others.

This process is called a “Creative Brief.” We collaborate with you when designing a plan that will suit your needs in the best way possible. 

Once the Creative Brief is approved, we will create the marketing materials needed to coincide with your branding and mission statement. We will work with and recommend trusted photographers, videographers, and printing companies that will work with our internal graphic designers to create materials that can provide a wrap-around marketing approach, including billboards, live streaming, social media posts, promotional animated video clips, and more.

Vexing Media will then determine a schedule for the release of the materials based on your needs and your audience’s probability of engagement. 

We will also help you determine your location placement for the marketing materials and where they would best benefit the desires of your audience. We curate an audience within social media platforms that best describe your needs.


Need: You need local customers from the Spokane Valley area. Your business primarily serves senior citizens. 

Solution: We place a target on the location of Spokane Valley and closely surrounding areas, we select an age range from 35-90 to attract the audience of the generations that may be seeking service for their loved ones or selves. And we set your approved budget for the duration of days to run the campaign. We tell you of your audience reach and when the campaign has finished, we run its analytic report to determine which areas were profitable and which we can retarget for the following campaign. 

Once your digital materials are live, Vexing Media will review analytic reports to determine the success of the impact. We will offer suggestions for retargeting and provide valuable strategies for engaging the audience you may already possess while creating a plan for new exposure. 

Why should I hire a Social Media Marketing Agency?

When hiring a social media marketing agency, you can expect a wrap-around marketing service. 

This means that you are not simply given a few pointers on creating better content and are left to figure it all out on your own.

One of the more obvious challenging aspects of social media marketing is that it takes up a lot of your brain space. We know how important it is to prioritize your family life, work-life, employee needs, business day-to-day, and all the nooks and crannies in between that make up your life. 

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Because we love what we do, we have templates to work from to make your life a bit easier. We listen to your needs, meet with our internal design and marketing team, and create a plan best suited to your marketing lifestyle. 

Every business is unique, and we understand the ins and outs of a creative and professional marketing process, so you don’t have to! What a dream, right?

At Vexing Media, we draft your uniquely curated marketing campaign with a multi-layered advertising plan such as billboard space renting, Google and social media ad-buying, localized mailers, print and magazine advertisements, and so many more.

One of the cool features we offer is promotional videos! With social media and sales, in general, being geared towards visual attraction, we have designed a system to promote your business using short videos for social media posts or longer videos for website informative purposes. It really is up to you and your needs, so contact us today, and we can draft up your personalized quote! 

Don’t be afraid to ask for numbers. We want to work with you and will devise a plan that can align closely with your needs. 

But that’s not the end of our collaboration process. We also determine a digital marketing strategy with logo revamping or helping you decide font and colors that work best on each platform, along with proper formatting, so your website’s banner isn’t all blurry. 

We work with you throughout the entire creative process, and we love hearing your ideas along the way. We are a small business, too, so we understand what it feels like to get a robot on the phone and not get emailed back for weeks. 

We listen to your needs, research your target audience, and create the best possible plan, so your voice is heard, your brand excites your audience, and your outcome is fruitful. 

If you ever wondered if there is a one-stop shop for your online and localized marketing needs, you have come to the right place. 

Learn more about our social media marketing strategies here, or drop us a message, and we will get back to you asap!