New Spokane Professional Basketball Team – The Lilac City Legends

The new professional Spokane Basketball team, Lilac City Legends, is striding forward with a winning mind and a communal heart. The founder of the team, Michael Bethely, has made a dream come to fruition with the support of his community and a team that doesn’t quit.

Vexing Media had the opportunity to chat with Denise Echelbarger, the team’s Director of Marketing and Communications, to highlight the new team, their new website with all its exciting features, and the communal support the team thrives on.

Lilac City Legends History

In August of 2020, Michael dreamt of a professional basketball team playing games with the entire family in mind. He collaborated with local supporters as he and Denise determined the ideal approach for implementing this team in a time of a pandemic and sheer disconnection within the community of Spokane, WA, and surrounding areas

“When Michael gets an idea and drives enough support behind him, he can turn a dream into reality in a short amount of time,” describes Echelbarger. And that is exactly what Michael did with the Lilac City Legends Basketball team.


“We want to honor, encourage, inspire, and create legends within our community. Plus, we want to highlight the value of community and show how it is so much bigger than basketball,” states Bethely.

Because of the nature of this mission, Michael received the collaborative support they needed to bring this team to life.

“Everyone involved, from our interns to our staff to the players, aside from creating an amazing basketball team, the effort is driven by improving the community. That shows in the amazing product that we have in our team today,” states, Echelbarger.


When creating a team that inspires, entertains, and engages with its community, there are some attributes the staff was aiming to see within the players that would be chosen for the team,

“we needed to see that hustle and their determination for a win. Each player truly shows up with a love for the game. The players also connect with a level of understanding for each other and the community they are a pivotal part of. We are grateful for that bond between team and community.”

Head Coach

The head coach, Jeneva Thaxton, is described by the team as “a powerful force with great talent.” Thaxton presents herself with leadership and holds the player’s genuine respect. “She truly aims to win,” states Echelbarger.

How can you engage with LCL?

The Lilac City Legends have posted their current game schedule with the PBA League. Their first home game with the Quad-City Flames from Iowa is on May 1st at 7:00 pm. The public will have the ability to Livestream the event straight from their devices!

The amazing Sponsors of the team are The Black Lens, Digitimber, Vexing Media, Mrs. Dot’s White BBQ Sauce, Propaganda, 1 Stop Media, and CMTV-14.

Please see the Lilac City Legends website for more information on how you can become a sponsor of this inspiring team!

Visit the Lilac City Legends website today to view all upcoming games, purchase team swag and tickets, and be LEGENDARY!