Membership Site Development Service

Do you have a website where you accept payments or sell products, and sometimes the process feels just so complicated? Or, maybe you have received feedback that you do not have a user-friendly website for ticket purchasing or the accessibility of the website as a whole is hard for your audience to navigate? 

We have heard it all! 

By offering Membership Site Development Services, we not only can create a membership function from scratch, but we also can add functions that may suit you best. 

No cookie-cutter services here. 

You will rarely hear the word “template” come out of our mouths because we truly believe in finding what works best for you and doing the work to make that happen.

What are some common forms of memberships?

  • Ticket purchasing with a log-in option for loading the ticket on the phone to access an event.
  • Members-only toolkit for non-profit organizations to utilize social media sharing, educational resources, etc.
  • Product purchasing with membership-only coupons and deals.
  • Gaining your audience’s email contacts for sending a newsletter out to market and promote products. 
  • Membership passes to watch movies at a virtual film festival.
  • Creating cohort-specific membership access for educational purposes, collaborative engagement opportunities, language learning tactics, communal events, and so much more!

Whether your audience will be paying for a membership, accessing ticket sales, or simply signing up for a newsletter, Vexing Media offers a membership site buildout service where you can produce an environment for your members to access members-only content. 

We can produce custom functions that provide easy internal controls and often a hands-free process that allows your audience to gain the access they need without taking up your time as a business owner. 

We know your time is valuable, and we know that you want your audience to have the highest level of service and information possible. 

See a list of examples below of our current clients who utilize our Membership services, and contact us today with any questions about this process!

Collecting emails by gaining your audience’s trust will be a long yet steady road. However, buying emails will not necessarily ensure you acquire the right kind of attention from the audience attracted to your product or service. 


A Film Resource Website

This website is open to any member to join for free. The admins moderate who can join and who cannot, and they gain access once approval has been met. The members can then see unique content, and they receive a specialized look and feel throughout the website that the non-members would not be able to see. 

In the membership process that we designed based on our client’s needs, once the applicants can fill out all the information needed, the membership team gets the notification and begin to assess to see if the person is relevant and accurate to the website’s mission. The admins are also able to see if there is spam trying to create a user.

Upon approval, the client can send out a notification with either an automated or manual approval letter through the applicant’s email to affirm or deny their membership and provide further information on setting up their account. 

This client also wanted to create various versions within the overarching membership umbrella to provide certain members with unique visibilities. So, if a film director wanted to view a directory for the available crew in an area, they would see who is available for hire and their contact information. A general member or the public would not be able to view this information. The phone numbers are hidden for privacy unless a specific member with a unique title has the log-in to see that information.

A Sports Team Website

The audience of this client can sign-up for the membership by purchasing a package that we designed within the website’s “store” functions. The audience can then gain access to certain online features such as free game tickets, free swag, and whatever else the client decides to add in the future! 

When the audience becomes a member, they can now view and purchase items throughout the website differently than those without the membership. We designed the checkout segment of the purchase page to auto-generate coupon codes that only that specific member can use when purchasing their store items. 

We set up a code system that does not allow for code sharing so your website will not be overrun with discount codes by customers who did not have access. 

We also design functions throughout the website that allow the members to view calendars and events with specific membership access. 

If there are employees that need to see their schedule online, we can equip that function. If there are certain exclusive events that only sponsors can attend, we can allow those members to see a specific portion of the calendar. 

This membership package function is an excellent feature for sports organizations that want to offer a sponsorship package or an exclusive deal for those that want special features for the team they support. 

While this client has free game access, they have been using the sign-up feature to gain email contacts for marketing purposes because of the relevant audience that attends the games. 

Fans get really excited about game time, especially when equipped with a special membership with exclusive perks!

A Government Organization Website

The client needed a private segment within their public website where a cohort could log in and see useful yet confidential information. The cohort could view pages of educational resources, they could find virtual meeting information with private access codes and links, and they needed the cohort to see previous sessions to utilize in future briefs and government-based funding proposals. 

The site members also need access to forms for downloading and communicating with other groups umbrellaed in the membership. The groups can post about upcoming events and contribute additional information within segments of the cohort site for educational resources. 

We also designed a function for employee training seminars for the cohort to access previous training seminars, see upcoming events for training, and gain tools for success that is not available to the general public. 

Contact us for more details on membership development services for YOUR website today!