Local Advocates Supporting the Children of Spokane

The Spokane community has been through a lot this past year, to say the least. This Eastern Washington city has truly experienced greatness shining out of the darkness by those supporting local families, businesses, and more. Spokane has been blessed to receive the benefits of those serving, sometimes working unseen and creating a safer and better environment for us all.

This week, we are highlighting the G.L.O.W. Children Early Learning Center for its inspiring contributions to the Spokane area’s community.

GLOW Children was founded by Co-Executive Directors Luc Jasmin III and Katie Jessop of Spokane, WA. Together, this powerhouse of accomplished business professionals guides the families seeking lasting connections by providing resources for the city’s young parents.

Katie Jessop is a licensed mental health counselor and has been serving Spokane’s youth community for almost two decades. 

Luc Jasmin III is exceptionally skilled in advocacy and legislation that promotes and supports early learning professionals and the families they serve. He is also currently running for the city council.

“Together, the Co-Executive Directors of GLOW Children want families to feel welcome, children to grow, and diversity to be celebrated in every layer of GLOW!”

The GLOW early learning center offers child-care to young parents who attend Lumen High School. 

Part of GLOW’s mission is to contribute an advocacy program to the Spokane community, especially teenaged individuals, to present the state and local legislature with the necessary information, data, and current needs of these early education programs. 

Due to the low reimbursement rate from the state subsidy, GLOW has utilized contributions, grants, and local business donations to keep the doors open. The center is licensed to host up to 144 children and will be opening its pre-school division in April 2021.

This organization is unique in specialty as it provides essential child-care with a focus on self-exploration and early learning development; “A person who feels secure in their environment will naturally explore their innate intelligence…we will strongly encourage this curiosity mentally, physically, emotionally, relationally, globally and academically.”

GLOW also incorporates a parenting lab for hands-on parenting classes with hopes to educate and uplift young parents. As challenges are faced during young adulthood, the GLOW staff offers a safe space to work through stuck points and determine the next best steps for the children and parents involved. 

GLOW’s doors would not be open if it weren’t for the generous community coming together to support this need. However, as this organization continues to thrive, they require furniture, books, tools, etc., to ensure the rooms are appropriately filled for the children. As schools begin to open back up in Spokane since the COVID-19 stay-at-home regulations were first in place, the GLOW staff expects to see an increase in the need for childcare services. 

If you would like to help this organization fill its rooms and continue to support the young parents of Spokane, visit the GLOW website designed by Vexing Media and check out their “Donate” button on the main page for more options. Learn more about this organization here!

The team at Vexing Media is proud to continue to work with this wonderful and locally inspiring organization. Read more about GLOW’s website development story with Vexing Media here!