2021 Seattle International Film Festival Selection, “All Those Small Things

The film, “All Those Small Things,” written and directed by Andrew Hyatt, to be released on April 9th, 2021, will hold an indulgent cast that took foot right on the sidewalks of the film industry’s “best-kept secret,” Spokane, Washington. 

Mariah of Vexing Media was delighted to chat with one of the executive producers and the casting director, Nike Imoru, who graciously shared her heart behind bringing this beautiful new film from the UK to Spokane, WA. 

The Movie 

All Those Small Things begins with the story of a protagonist who becomes increasingly disenchanted with the life he is leading, a life that is filled with fame and emptiness. At age 70, Jonathan Robbins takes a trip across the ocean to an Eastern Washington city where he meets a fan of his work as a game show host in the UK. He is guided during his journey by strangers that become companions to find hope in the small things in life. 

The audience of a post-pandemic world can relate profoundly with the feeling of discontentment, the possible misuse of displaced time, and the angst of loneliness that haunts us from a seemingly never-ending period of loss. 

This film stimulates our imaginations for the inevitable moment of looking back on what 70 years of life accomplished while bridging a generational gap of loneliness and humanity. 

Location: The film is shot partly in England in a small town called Marlow, just outside London, and partly here in Spokane, WA. Some notable locations are in the Garland district and a home in Vinegar Flats.

Cast: The lead roles include James Faulkner (Game of Thrones), Kerry Knuppe (Ratched), and Cliff Parisi (Call the Midwife), along with several talented actors in co-starring and supporting roles.

Rebel Kat Productions and Nike Imoru 

Nike Imoru is the co-executive producer of the female-led financing production company, Rebel Kat; “The Rebel Kat Mission: Finance quality film and television that empowers the voices and stories of – women, Black, Indigenous, People of Colour, members of the LGBTQ community, and people with disabilities – both in front of the camera and behind the scenes.” 

Imoru’s mission has always been to educate the NW pool of actors from Sandpoint to LA to cast local films with local actors. Even during a short casting call, she aims to provide each auditioner with a reference point of professional development to take with them. “This area (Pacific Northwest) is rich with talented actors…over time and with educational resources, we aim to create a space for marginalized groups to emerge,” states Imoru. 

While Imoru has been successfully casting since 2006 amongst many other acknowledgments in the film and theater industry and beyond (read full bio here), she and Rebecca Petriello of Rebel Kat Productions hold a pivotal stance for marginalized groups within the film community. “We are a film finance company with a social justice mission to finance underrepresented voices, stories, and creatives in front of the camera and also behind the scenes…It is rare and unusual to have women as executive producers and even more rare to have black women in positions of power almost anywhere within the film industry but especially in Hollywood,” states Imoru. 

There are many systemic challenges for underrepresented people in an industry that is primarily white and male. Rebel Kat’s vision is to address those challenges.

Imoru explains her gratitude for producing All Those Small Things in her home in Spokane. She describes it as “coming ‘home’” to her film family at North by Northwest Productions.

The locally based film production company, North By Northwest Productions, joined with Rebel Kat to create this film that connects generations, countries, loss, self-discovery, and all the small things in life that truly matter.

Nike Imoru 

Nike Imoru exudes kindness, strength, and vulnerability as she tells of her love for finding excellence in the local and regional cast and crew, who she admires and loves working with. 

She is named “One of Washington State’s Most Influential Women in Film, TV, and New Media” by Media, Inc. 

Notably, Imoru was the executive casting director for the locally filmed TV series Z Nation. Across five seasons, approximately 85% of recurring, guest, and co-star roles were actors based in the NW. 

She prides herself on working closely with actors in Spokane and the Northwest. She empowers actors in the Spokane community with her deep interest in rich, diverse experiences, relatable and universal themes. 

At the moment, Imoru calls Spokane, WA. her place of home, and she currently has multiple exciting projects that she is working on.


The Vexing Media team is immensely grateful to have worked with Imoru on developing and implementing the Rebel Kat Productions and the All Those Small Things websites. We give our sincere congratulations to Rebel Kat Productions and the entire cast and crew on the world premiere of All Those Small Things at The Seattle International Film Festival! 

Find out more information about the inspirational new 2021 film, All Those Small Things on their website here!