If you have not yet heard of Transolar Galactica yet, then let us introduce you. This web series is a satirical homage to all the great Sci-Fi films, TV shows, and manga that you never knew you were looking for. This was the first time we played with a paralaxed design site and are very excited with how it turned out. Launch their site to explore the e-commerce services we set for them. If you “Join The Legion”, then you gain access to all of the behind the scenes content and character “Origin” episode’s they produced as a lead up to their second season. See how the pay wall we implemented protected a digital download system we provided them in addition to the high quality episode’s we prepared from their masters for the widest possible platform compatibility. In addition to online development and e-commerce services, we have also worked with the Transolar Galactica crew to prepare their episodes for long form presentations at cinemas and ComiCon’s for a few year’s now.

 If you have not caught the Transolar Galactica bug yet, then hold on to your hats and meet the crew of the SS Transolar here: